"Lions Dance" Air Jordan 1 High Lux

Caryn Ganess

John Trottier, an accomplished sneaker customiser, marries flawless craftsmanship with deep connections to Asian heritage perfectly.

Time To Explore

Trottier;s collection already showcases a brightly coloured version of these sneakers, but his latest take is a stunning black, white, and red version.

The beauty of these sneakers lies in the blend of lavish satin with carfully sculpted and painted leather.

The combination of sculpted and painted leather creates a sneaker that's not only stylish but also a piece of unique craftsmanship.

The design begins with a dark canvas toe cap and collar, tastefully decorated with delicate white cloud designs.

The drama is heightened with bold red accents that start at the satin mudguard and reappear on the leather Nike Swoosh.

Where To Buy

If you are wanting these sneakers, you can inquire about its availability and cost directly via Trottier's Instagram page.

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