Air Jordan 4 "Grinch"

Caryn Ganess

The Grinch isn't just satisfied with stealing Christmas anymore, he's stolen one of the most iconic silhouettes in the sneaker world - the Air Jordan 4 sneaker.

Air Jordan 4 "Grinch"

Sneaker culture has wholeheartedly welcomed the Grinch theme with a surge of official and custom kicks inspired by the furry green character.

featuring a bright green suede upper brilliantly contrasted by brown hair-like fabric.

The gangly Grinch fingers are sneakily poking out from the shoe's sides as 3D translucent additions, an unusual yet distinguishing design feature.

The Grinch's distinctive eyes peak out on the spine of the sneakers, making up the distinctive heel tab of the Air Jordan 4 sneakers.

These gorgeous furry sneakers are perfect for any sneakerhead who loves the movie or loves unique and interesting sneakers.

Where to get yours:

If you act quickly, you can grab a pair of furry green sneakers from Kicksphoria or Violence who can bring your ideas to life.

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